Hmmm, I like to draw birds..

​I like to make cards..

​I'm going to create the BIRDday card!!

Get it? Good..

Arjun's world of art, fun and philanthropy..

Meet the birddayart dude (aka Arjun Amin)

Hi! I'm Arjun Amin and I'm excited to take you thru my first entrepreneurial-not for profit debut ""
My back story and my big eureka moment....

When I was 4, I unfortunately had a car accident which made me stay in the hospital for a few days. Now, while I was recovering I realized my favorite thing to do at the hospital was to go to the playroom and enjoy all the toys there.

So then after I was all well, an idea popped into my head while I was in the shower! This was in the year 2013 when I was 6 1/4 years old, I would make cards and sell them so that the kids at the hospital could have MORE TOYS!!

18 months down the line, my 'business' has slowly blossomed into a mission to raise funds for various philanthropic causes, beginning with a Children's Hospital in California and moving on to help fund education for children who can't go to school and so so so many other things! 

Please pop in for a look into my creative world, I'll bet you have a good time!!

- words from the creator of