Arjun's world of art, fun and philanthropy..

Hi, I'm Arjun and here's a little bit more about me and my business.

 I mostly draw the cards when I'm by myself, but sometimes, I have playdates with my friends and then they help out too!

We all sit around the table with markers and crayons and blank cards and listen to music, talk, munch on snacks and draw, draw, draw. We LOVE IT!!

We also always sign and name our cards. You should flip over the cards and see all the fun titles we give them!

Sometimes, when I finish a card, I have my mom help me outline it, because she's really good at outlining and stuff.

I am so lucky that a lot of people want to buy my cards!

And you know who else is lucky? All those people who buy these cards!

And all the people who receive these cards!

And all those children who benefit from the sale of these cards!

It's just so awesome!!

Arjun's mission: